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Telangana House possessors lose lakhs in QR law frauds,’ rear’ payment

Posted by Hyderabad Property Agency on February 21, 2022
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Scam Alert Hyderabad

 Cybercrime has come up with new styles that are making the police thwarted with fraudsters riveting on software and banking professionals who want to give their houses on rent.

 Police have noted that there are numerous workers ofmulti-national companies are falling for this trick of scammers, who are taking of plutocrat in lakhs of rupees by asking the house possessors to overlook the QR law for rental advance

.Swaminathan, who’s a occupant of Kondapur lost11.99 lakh. He participated the details with the police. He uploaded the details on a website stating that the flat rent isRs. yearly and 1-month rent in advance.

 The coming day, he entered a call from the scammer stating that he’s a CISF officer transferred from Pune to Hyderabad. He showed interest in enwrapping the vacant flat. He wanted to pay the advance quantum. A rear payment system is used in this CISF accounts department.

 The person convinced Swaminathan to make a transfer of one month’s rent to the officer’s bank account and that was double the quantum. He first tried out transferring 1 rupee and entered 2 rupees from the fraudster bank. Latterly, he transferred11.99 lakhs from the bank account and the call stayed for 2 hours.

 The victim also ignored the warning calls from the bank.

A director from the private bank, Shiva Shankar of Chandanagar. He’s also a victim who made a transfer of Rs2.2 lakh from his mobile banking app by nine deals.

 The occupant of Kukkatpally, an associate platoon leader in a software MNC, approached police saying he placed an announcement in house reimbursement doors to rent out a vacant flat for a month and two months advance payment.

 They wanted to make payment through a QR law. Kumar lost Rs2.74 lakh when he scrutinized the QR canons transferred by the fraudsters and the quantum got debited from his bank account, rather of getting credit, the disquisition officer said.

 So be careful with the fraudsters and scammers who are taking plutocrat from angels.

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