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Property Valuation

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Co-ordination and liasoning with any government or administrative department by “Trusted Representatives” – land, revenue, property tax, RERA, courts, sub-registrar can only be delivered with a team of knowledgeable professional on real estate. We help individuals, corporate & enterprises in their endeavour to file, find, complain, register documents.

How It Works

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You can choose legal, technical, valuation or liasoning services for any city or asset type work for your properties in India – we have hired a high quality in-house team to give you personalized services anywhere in the country. Imagine, a seasoned lawyer, valuator, govt liasoning, technical consultant, facility manager at your disposal.

Our team will call and understand the requirement and appoint the best suited domain expert to deliver services

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Once you confirm the service and pay, we raise a ticket and agree on a timeline for completion of the work entrusted

You get an email, sms, call on the completion of the ticket. Then, you rate us on your service!

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Benefits of Technical Services

Inhouse Experts

Mechanical and civil engineer lead efforts with 10 years+’ experience in real estate, to deliver certified services through domain experts, including in-house service experts

Data Intelligence

We like complexities, hence we have invested in large team of data scientist and engineer who work on multiple & credible source to deliver the right valuation

Cost Efficient

We are sure to deliver the best services in cheapest cost, while many things are standardized, we ensure to deliver service in a personalized manner

Our Service

Market Validation Report

Inhouse valuation experts value the property based on the recent sale, rental trends, listings and govt rates and data from sub-registrar records. Both comparable and rental yield based approach taken at non speculative valuation.

Rs. 2,999

Certified Government Valuation

Property fair market value done through a certified valuer with more than 3 years experience as govt registered valuer and provides certificates for present value or old dated value for any property, land and building.

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