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Property purchases increase to pre-covid levels in 2022

Posted by Hyderabad Property Agency on January 8, 2022
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The property prices in real estate are likely to reach high by 5 to 10% next year while housing sales are likely to reach pre covid levels soon.

From the past analysis, 2020 housing sales stop at 1.38 lacs units in 2014 . the real estate market went down in the period of 2020 for the long term. And it was about to enter upcycle from the next year. during the month of January to September 2021 only 1.45 Lac units were sold which is quite a bit higher than the previous year .in 2022 the interest rates may go high up to the range of 5 to 10% .

Demand for the houses ranged in between 40 Lac to 1.5 crores:

In these days working from home and online schooling has become the casualty so people are having a higher demand for larger houses. that might be in the range of 40 to 80 lacs and at the high end, it might range from 80 to 1.5 crores. According to a survey incidentally, there is a rapid growth in this segment.

Demand for the houses ranged in between Ready to move is the most preferred option:

For most of the consumers in 2021 according to survey the demand for ready to move in apartments is high Because it will avoid the risk of waiting for under-construction properties .it was increased up to 88% than any year.

Top listed developers according to the sales in 2021

The non-listed and top listed developers with good corporate governance practices and trust witnessed very good sales in the year of 2021, Hyderabad.

The realtor brigade enterprise analysed the trend that sales booking went up by 59% that is up to 1310 crore from April to September 2021 especially in the areas of Hyderabad and prestige groups in second quarterly financial year 22 were up 88% and the target is to reach 9 thousand crores for the financial year 2022.

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