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Posted by Hyderabad Property Agency on December 26, 2021
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In the real estate world, DTCP and HMDA are the most frequent words that are used. those words have veritably close meanings. In this blog, we will unfold on the difference between them. those both are the most sanctioned nonsupervisory words which have distant meanings.

Let us start by talking about DTCP, whose full form is directorate city and country planning and HMDA full form Hyderabad metropolitan development authority.

Director City and Country Planning

primary duties of director city and country planning

The most prioritized functions of DTCP are characterized into three subcategories

Now let’s talk about each function of DTCP in depth

Specialized statutory functions

Under this the following are included

Specialized non-statuary functions

Advisory functions

DTCP is Advisor to Urban Development Authorities, Telangana Housing Board, Telangana Industrial Structure Corporation, Telangana Pollution Control Board, Telangana Swagruha Housing Corporation and Government on planning matters. It also helps in selection of spots and services of external council.

DTCP and HMDA works more in hand-to- hand and how most common rules. now let’s have a regard at HMDA primary functions.

Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority

DTCP and HMDA guests can invest in the property without any worries and explosively support the trust factor.

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